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Belinda Carlisle


Belinda Carlisle, born Belinda Jo Carlisleon August 17, 1958in Hollywood, California, wasand occasionally still is the lead vocalist for thepop rock band The Go-Go’s and also a phenomenally successful solo artist who still tours and, eventually, records to this day.


Belinda’s first venture into music was as the drummer for the LA punk band The Germs, under the name Dottie Danger, it didn’t last long what with drumming not being her natural forte and allso she left and joined The Go-Go’s.

After the initial breakup of The Go-Go’s in 1985Belinda pickedherself up, dusted herself offand embarked upon a solo career.

Her first solo album, Belinda, was released on I.R.S. Records in 1986 and it was also that year Belinda married Morgan Mason, son of the BritishactorJames Mason.

The first release from Heaven on Earth was “Heaven is a Place on Earth”, an enormous international hit, topping the charts not only in the U.S. but also in the U.K. and several other countries.

It is to this day probably her best knownsong.


The success of the song was furthered by its video, which, under direction of American actress Diane Keaton, showcased Belinda’s glamour that included her new red hair colour, part of an image change possibly inspired by Ann-Margret.

The next song released from Heaven on Earthwas “I Get Weak”, which alsohad a video directed by Keaton followed promptly by”Circle in the Sand”, both were big hits. “World Without You” was well-hyped but didn’t sell as well, peaking outside the Top 30in the US and December 1988’sfollow up”Love Never Dies” also peaked outside the Top 30 in the UK.

Belinda’s next album after Heaven on Earthwas 1989’s Runaway Horses.

This album hit number fourin the UK and number three in the US so provingthat she was still much in demand. The first single “Leave a Light On” justmissed the Top Ten in the U.S., peaking at eleven, but in the UKit hit the Top Five. The second single, “Summer Rain”, missed the Top Twenty (#23) in Spring 1990, but spent a long time in the Top Seventy Five and was, perhaps surprisingly, one of the biggest selling singles that year.

Belinda had even better success in the U.K.that autumn when she went to number sixwith the remixed “(We Want) The Same Thing”, another track from Runaway Horses.

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